• APR 26 to MAY 17
    Solo Exhibition
    Tempus Fugit


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 26 to MAY 17, 2014

    Vernissage: 26 de abril a las 12 horas

    Event Location

    AC Gallery Arte&Ciencia

    Plaza de Chueca, 6. Bajo

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    • Miguel Ángel Craviotto


    (automatic translation)

    Tempus Fugit. Miguel Ángel Craviotto.

    On Saturday 26, AC Gallery art & science opens, at 12 o'clock, the exhibition Tempus Fugit of Miguel Angel Craviotto.

    An exhibition of paintings on canvas and painted bottles, which pays tribute to the passing of time, the desire of man to control the period where he runs his own life, focusing on the purpose of the clock as the main pictorial argument.

    Miguel Angel Craviotto is an example of how art and science can conform in the knowledge of the human being, to respond to the needs that call for mind and spirit.

    Biologist by profession, but artist's vocation, Craviotto takes the decision to devote himself to the sciences, encouraged by their desire for knowledge, and with the prospect of labour stability. Even so, can not move away from the art world.

    Science opens the way to research, to understand the functioning of life; but art, makes it possible for you to enunciating the alien to the right part, and found in painting and music, the instruments necessary to satisfy your creative momentum, his inner restlessness, and express their feelings.

    At the age of eight, starts his union with art, experimenting with oils and other techniques until you choose to attend classes in painting, drawing and ceramics. Since that time, to train in the field of the arts, combining it with his career and professional activity, developing a prolific artistic career.

    With this exhibition, Tempos Fugit, reflects on the eternal theme of the passage of time, suggesting reflection of Virgil, which warned in a verse of the Georgics of the passage of time, the ephemeral existence of human beings. For this Craviotto is actor to watch, whereby feel fascination as a child, - in fact, its first watch paints it to 9 years - making it the leitmotif of the exhibition, and object representing it in different supports, such as bottles of wine, something that has also accompanied the man on the pace of life.

    The opening of Tempos Fugit will take place next Saturday 26 at AC Gallery art & science at 12 noon and will remain until 17 May.

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