• JAN 04 to MAR 09
    Solo Exhibition
    The Boston Visionary Cell


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 04 to MAR 09, 2013

    Event Location

    Kent Fine Art LLC

    210 Eleventh Avenue New York, NY 10001 — 2nd Floor
    New York City
    United States

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    The Boston Visionary Cell, founded by Paul Laffoley in 1971, was based on the model of an artists’ guild. Although there have been numerous presentations of Laffoley's work over the past decade, the Boston Visionary Cell has never been examined in the context of his life's work. It is a crucial piece in understanding Laffoley’s methodology. As stated in its founding charter, it was created “to develop and advance visionary art”:
    We . . . believe that the evocation of the mystical experience by means of symbols, which has functioned as part of the intentioning process throughout the course of human history, is the intended direction of evolution that becomes most expressive through visual art during those periods in history that are characterized by rapid change, e.g., the twentieth century, which has seen a series of movements from the Modern era to the Post-Modern era, finally culminating in the Bauharoque era.
    Our current exhibition extrapolates on the mission of the Boston Visionary Cell as it has related to Laffoley's production over the past forty years. An extensive online publication will accompany the exhibition.

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