• DEC 20 to JAN 20
    Group Exhibition
    The DayAfter da una raccolta di Margherita Palli e Italo Rota


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    Dates and Opening hours

    DEC 20, 2012 to JAN 20, 2013

    Event Location

    Triennale di Milano

    Viale Alemagna 6

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    Triennale Design Museum presents a selection of over 500 miniature animals, produced between 1906 and 1950 by German companies Linoleol and Elastolin and the Italian Nardi and Confalonieri, from the collection of Margherita Palli and Italo Rota, which includes over 1,000.

    Collectors' pieces on the international market have also registered in auction prices of $ 10,000, the models are distinguished by the use of materials now rare and valuable (patented plastic with iron and retouched by hand, paper reinforced and special plasters) and to yield camouflage poses and anatomical details (modeled from the late nineteenth century anatomical tables and with the advice of experts zoologists).

    The heart of the collection Margherita Palli and Italo Rota, the result of passion and years of research, is the reproduction of Noah's Ark (dated between 1918 and 1920) populated by pairs of animals. Starting from the flood myth, present in all cultures, Rota law the ark as a metaphor of the moment that we are living as the ark is rudderless and floats along streams, in the same way we are without direction in a geography over and already fully explored.

    The Ark also becomes an ideal retreat to deal with the end of the world for its scheduled Dec. 21 and rewrite the contract with nature enhancing biodiversity.

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