• NOV 17 to JAN 21
    Solo Exhibition
    The Forest Fire


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 17, 2016 to JAN 21, 2017

    Vernissage: Thurday, November 17 20:00h.

    Event Location

    Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery

    Amaniel 20

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    • El Gato Chimney


    El Gato Chimney reveal in his works an introspective search of the world and its parallelissms. An analysis of his work reflects great influences focused on their current studies of alchemy, popular folklore, shamanism and tribal art, all represented by a naturalist exquisite technique based on artists like Aldrovandi.

    'Fire' and 'Forest' are figurative and conceptual bases in 'The Forest Fire', a title coined by Piero di Cosino in one of his canvases, where the forest fire is narratively studied as destroyer. El Gato Chimney contrasts the concept of fire (as a purifying element, creator of light and element of regeneration and renewal) and the forest (as a place of mystery, synonymous of the unconscious and the unknow), scenarios where the protagonists become birds, assimilated like elements that controll the bad, health and fertility of the land in folklore and shamanistic beliefs. These characters dress up with a endless amount of attributes and geometries whose iconography reveals the intimate and personal character of the artist. El Gato Chimney uses a refined esthetic in where, even funds, acquire a significant role, catching of the detailed attention of an active spectator, who has the mission of decipher with skill the symbols and archetypes represented.

    We could compare his work with contemporary artists such as Martin Wittfooth, Mu Pan or Rithika Merchant, considering that the work of El Gato Chimney hides a halo of mysticism, of unexplained phenomena, mysterious relationships animals-naturals. Concepts that do not always have relation with the destiny of man, however, try to justify their view, despair and hope.

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