• MAR 09 to MAY 19
    Group Exhibition
    The Splendour of Textiles


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 09 to MAY 19, 2013

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    ul. Ga?czy?skiego 3 00-362 Warszawa

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    • Ada Kierzkowska
    • Adela Szwaja
    • Aleksander Kromer
    • Alicja Kochanowska
    • Alicja Gutkowska
    • Alicja Bielawska
    • Alicja Bednarczuk
    • Aneta Grzeszykowska
    • Anna Buczkowska
    • Anna Śledziewska

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    The exhibition The Splendor of Textiles presents artistic textiles in the wider context of contemporary art and focuses the attention of viewers on a field of creative work that in recent decades has lain outside the principal zones of interest  of leading exhibition institutions. Both the splendor of the title, associated with brilliance, richness and power, and the presentation in a national gallery of art have the goal of returning textiles to their rightful place in the orbits of contemporary art.

    With a few exceptions, the exhibition encompasses works of Polish artists made from the second half of the 1940s up until the present. The art of textiles is considered both from the perspective of the newest artistic practices, as well as in a historical context, as for example in the case of the “Polish textile school.” The project shows the conceptual and communicational potential of the medium, able to convey clear historical, propaganda, critical, religious and patriotic messages.

    At the exhibition are interwoven both works that use classic textile techniques and those that make use of fabrics, as well as contemporary works which are not textiles but in which is present a “thinking” in terms of weave or pattern, a visible interest on the part of artists for the materiality of fabrics or other features typical of textiles. The presentation puts a strong emphasis on a recognition and respect for the value and artistic quality of individual objects, for the manual capabilities of artists, and for the diversity of their techniques and methods of work. Another very important aspect will be to attempt to inscribe textiles in the so-called new craft movements, which are very clearly marking their presence in contemporary art.

    curator Micha Jachua
    cooperation on the part of Zachta Katarzyna Koodziej

    sponsor of the exhibition: Fabryka Dywanów AGNELLA S.A.
    sponsor of the gallery:
    sponsors of the opening ceremony: DeLonghi, Kenwood, A.Blikle, Freixenet
    media patronage: Polskie Radio, The Warsaw Voice, Stolica, Artinfo.pl


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