• OCT 11 to JAN 06
    Solo Exhibition
    Tim Parchikov Suspense: Tensión en ámbar


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 11, 2013 to JAN 06, 2014

    Event Location

    DA2 (Domus Artium 2002)

    Avda. de la Aldehuela,30 CP: 37008

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    • Tim Parchikov


    Suspense is the result of the visual exploration of Tim Parchikov as a photographer and filmmaker and brings together 54 photographs taken in Russian and European cities over the past four years. Also includes two videos.

    This project is the visual manifesto of the "lost" generation of young people who, with the turn of the century, have achieved an absolute freedom of information and of movements, but that, however, have lost an integrated system of value judgments and have been faced with an absolute isolation.

    Its ability to counter the static and the dynamic in the picture is based on a superb understanding of cinematography. The result is an exquisite game of colors, shades of shadows and contrast, which strive to approach his search prototype: the 'film noir' of the fortys and the "neo-noir" in the 1970s.

    In Tim Parchikov's work the suspense penetrates into the natural area, the urban space, populating it with their characters.

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