• OCT 10 to JAN 05
    Group Exhibition
    Torres y rascacielos. De Babel a Dubái


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    OCT 10, 2012 to JAN 05, 2013

    From Monday to Sunday, from 10 to 20 h.

    Event Location

    CaixaForum Madrid



    the exhibition offers a journey through the history of the construction of towers and skyscrapers, on the basis of the myth of the Tower of Babel, a construction that defied the laws of nature and the divine power and that was a source of inspiration for European artists from the 13th century to the 19th century, until the skyscraper projected in the 21st century.

    since the creation of the myth of the Tower of Babel until the appearance of the first skyscrapers in 1850 in the United States, the model is regularly reproduced in the world between the twentieth centuries and 21st. towers reflect one of the most important aspects of modernity and are indispensable in terms of planning references urban. the skyscraper is one of the icons of modernity. the image of the skyscraper happened to become an interesting response to the lack of space, not just in the big cities of the West, but around the world.

    this exhibition aspires to explore, through paintings, engravings, drawings, models, photographs and films, the diversity of architectures that over time have shown a search of it inaccessible, by his hubris and his desire to overcome any material limit.

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