• FEB 14 to MAR 15
    Solo Exhibition
    Transformándome en la nada


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 14 to MAR 15, 2013

    Event Location

    Galería H20

    Verdi, 152. 08012 Barcelona

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    • Margaret Guerra


    Recalling the trip of the goddess Ishtar into the underworld in search of its authentic essence and his true love, the Venezuelan photographer Margaret Guerra invites the Viewer to follow their personal experience of self-discovery. Through a series of self-portraits, she presents each of the stages of their search inside the most honest and refined way. From the fear and the frustration of being single before life until the time of immersion in the emotions of his soul, sensitivity and sensuality of his photographs reveal the hidden universe of divine femininity.

    Every picture tells a story in itself same, each picture offers a multidimensional reading. The skill of the artist and the beauty of each image shed light, show courage and serve as a guide in the personal journey toward triumph over your own shadow. Protective and intuitive, Margaret shared with those who see it, their healing wisdom of the injured aspects of being. That's when the magic happens and awakening happens. It is a moment of lighting, auto, a moment of intimate communion with the creator that exists in our true essence, a time to love and to Miss ever.

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