• FEB 01 to MAY 06
    Solo Exhibition
    Turner´s Perspective: Selected by Rosa Barba


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 01 to MAY 06, 2013

    Event Location

    Turner Contemporary

    CT9 1HG
    Kent Area
    United Kingdom

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    This exhibition presents a selection of fascinating and unexpected drawings by JMW Turner investigating the science of perspective.

    From 1807–1837 Turner was the Professor of Perspective at the Royal Academy. He gave a series of lectures about perspective during these years, which were famous for being at once fascinating and extremely difficult to follow. As one critic said: ‘Excellent as are Mr Turner’s lectures, in other respects there is an embarrassment in his manner approaching almost to unintelligibility’.

    The drawings were made as visual aids, held up during the lectures to illustrate the complex theories Turner struggled to explain.

    To accompany her exhibition Subject to Constant Change, Rosa Barba has made a selection of these drawings from the Tate collection. Struck by their modern appearance, at once stark and complex, Barba was intrigued by the drawings’ explorations of points of view, colour, and reflection, all key interests in her own recent work. The exhibition gives insight into Barba’s practice and the structures underlying Turner’s masterful paintings.

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