• FEB 20 to MAR 11
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    FEB 20 to MAR 11, 2013


    The fourth edition of the Centre Pompidou's Nouveau Festival invites the public to explore the diversity of the visual culture of our time and get a feel for how broad the scope of contemporary artistic creation has become. Over a three-week period, a large number of guest artists will be presenting their offerings, at the crossroads of a variety of disciplines, in various locations around the Centre Pompidou: the Forum, the Galerie Sud, Espace 315, the Petite Salle and Cinemas 1 and 2, free of charge. In the Grande Salle, there will be a programme of live performances, creating a dialogue with the various contributions making up the Nouveau Festival. The different participants will be at the intersection of eclectic disciplines, following guidelines devised by Alain Seban, President of the Centre Pompidou: a forward-looking event; a laboratory for contemporary visual arts; a space open for all forms of artistic expression. 

    This edition has a new central thread, focusing on graphics, typography, and imaginary and invented languages, opening up a path from one discovery to another and creating resonance and feedback between over one hundred guest artists. 

    Devoted to myriad voices and forms of writing, this “Nouveau Festival” looks in particular at graphics and typography and the importance of their impact in our cultural field of vision. Books and other works will be created here on a daily basis; the Nouveau Festival delights in showing how things are put together. Procedures that set the appropriate pace for thinking one's way through the experience are on show. There are multiple encounters in which artists from all sorts of backgrounds relate and implement their own experience. There is plenty to see and hear, but also, more unusually, touch. The Nouveau Festival offers opportunities to meet the many guest artists, as well as invitations to performances and concerts designed around the various projects.

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