• JAN 08 to JAN 13
    Group Exhibition
    VI Festival de Video en el Cuarto y


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 08 to JAN 13, 2015

    Vernissage: Thursday, January 8 at 19:00 in our Art Room Experimental space (C / Santa Maria, 15-Madrid).

    Event Location


    C/ Santa María, 15

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    • Antonio Alvarado
    • Ariel Toledano
    • Ausín Sáinz
    • David Catá
    • Edrix Cruzado
    • Elvira Palazuelos
    • Emilio Lizcano
    • Fran Coronado
    • Guillermo Menéndez de Llano
    • Jane Whelan

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    (automatic translation)

    A year more from research and art, we invite you a:

    VI Video Festival in the fourth

    Whose presentation and viewing will be held on Thursday, January 8 at 19:00 in our Art Room Experimental space (C / Santa María, Madrid 15).

    Under the curation of Clara Isabel Arribas Cerezo and Juan Gil Segovia, this year we have selected works of of the artista:

    David tasting
    Noemi Sjöberg
    Elvira Palazuelos and Emilio Lizcano
    Pilar Álvarez
    Ausín Sáinz
    Mauricio Sanhueza
    Guillermo Menéndez de Llano
    Antonio Alvarado

    They will be projected in our room until January 13 together with the exhibition collective "new proposals" (Fran Coronado, Sergio Ramírez, Edrix cross, Toledano Ariel and Jane Whelan)

    I look forward to Thursday 8 January at 19:00 in Art Room!

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