• FEB 21 to MAY 26
    Solo Exhibition
    VINCENT SOLHEID. Public confessions. Winner POP-UP 2012


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 21 to MAY 26, 2013

    Event Location

    Musée d´Ixelles

    Museum of Ixelles rue Jean Van Volsem 71 B - 1050 Brussels

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    Invited by Jean-Luc Moerman at the exhibition POP-UP in 2012, Vincent Solheid won the audience award. Vincent Solheid is a contemporary artist; atypical, equivocal and versatile. His drawings, paintings, sculptures, plays and films reveal questions and are altogether breathtaking, evasive, probing and farreaching. Discover the work of this ingenious young artist.

    Invited by Jean-Luc Moerman for the POP-UP 2012 exhibition, you won the Audience Award. Why do you think visitors voted for you?

    The work that I presented in POP-UP, The First Shall Be Last, uses themes that speak to everyone; strong popular images, such as sport or religion. In addition, the work is composed of bicycles and miniature figures that both recall a persistent childhood.

    Why did you choose the title ‘Public Confessions’ for your solo exhibition?
    The confession of sins to a priest is an intimate process. By making it public, I opened new doors, I reveal something that should normally remain private, secret. I bring to light and question the existence of an historical figure and a religious festival, a somewhat schizophrenic character who was the instigator of the Carnival of Stavelot-Malmedy. His ancient carnival chariot is also one of the cornerstones of the exhibition.

    What are you trying to express through your work which seems inspired by the mystical and sacred?
    I was born into a very Christian family in a small village where the church was the centre of the community. Growing up, I was an altar boy three times a week. I was born in the Christian faith and it stays with me forever.

    Today, I would say I'm agnostic. I wondered about this when I was adapting my material and experimenting with multiple elements such as Christ, Saints, the Virgin, monks etc. I play with the different levels of significance, giving extreme importance to elements that do not really have it, making small subjects sacred and symbolic. This game is a way of me achieving my freedom.

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