• JUN 09 to SEP 09
    Solo Exhibition
    VINCOLI by Shendra Stucki


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    JUN 09 to SEP 09, 2016

    Event Location

    Five Gallery

    via Canova 7

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    The collection of Shendra Stucki's works expresses the various provocations induced by social relations through a creative nature which agrees to face emotional chaos. The result is rich of expressiveness, in spite of the extreme rigor showed by composition and language. The images of reality chase themselves in an insistent and sometimes obsessive way, while the guests can go through an entrance made by balloons which are witnesses of the will to lighten critics and watch electric cables which represent bounds and energy exchanges that unite all forms and beings to the space where they live.

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