• MAR 15 to MAY 11
    Solo Exhibition
    Weapon. A solo exhibition by Benoît Maire


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 15 to MAY 11, 2013

    Thu—Sat, 12 ­- 6 pm Tue—Wed by Appointment

    Event Location

    The David Roberts Art Foundation

    London NW1 7JE
    United Kingdom

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    • Benoît Maire


    Benoît Maire continues to ask a simple question: can theory be a form? In seeking an answer, his work deals with the structures of knowledge, occasionally deconstructing them, occasionally duplicating them, and occasionally orchestrating their driftings. If his works can be extremely diverse (films, installations photographs, collages, etc),  certain motifs keep appearing (philosophy, geometry, furniture, the figure of the blind, the notion of use), certain objects change value (from the metaphorical to the functional, from object to artwork, from clue to demonstration and so on). His work refers to vast but well-defined fields of knowledge, from the history of cinema to philosophy, by way of mythology and modern art.

    In the end, however, each work is an instrument for the spectator. The original sources, or references, are no longer essential. What matters is the relationship between the spectator and the work: How can one freely understand the artworks and the exhibition, making use of a philosophical or traditional vocabulary, both formal and mythological, and allowing metonymic chains to emerge? How to make cognitive structures collide and find a wild, sensual rapport with theory and culture? In fact, beyond the discourse on theory as a form, what Benoît Maire proposes is a relationship with freedom (of interpretation) and with thought as a form of co-production.

    This exhibition marks the first solo exhibition by the artist in an institution in the United Kingdom. Benoît had presented works at the I.C.A., London, the Tate Modern, London, the Centre Pompidou, Paris. He had solo exhibition in numerous art centres in Europe. He is represented in London by Hollybush Gardens, in France by Cortex Athletico and in Berlin by Croy Nielsen.  The exhibition is curated by DRAF’s director Vincent Honoré with assistant curator Nicoletta Lambertucci.

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