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    Whether to Gift Ganesha Idols to a Newly Wedded Couple or Not?


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    NOV 28, 2016 to NOV 28, 2017

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    New Delhi

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    If you are an Indian or have any inclination towards India, then you must have realized by now that the months of October, November and December mark the festive season in the country. Not only most of the major Hindu festivals fall in these months, but these months also witness big fat Indian marriages. Marriage is not only a sacred bond shared by two individuals, but also a union of two families. There is no denial to the fact that across the world marriage is regarded as a social institution; however, it becomes a gala event in India. In India, marriages are no less than a grand celebration. They are held at large scale and involve lots of pomp and show. Like festivals, marriages are perfect occasion to exchange gifts.

    As per Hindu traditions, bride’s family gives several gifts to the bride, bridegroom and his family. These gifts symbolize their blessings. In return, the bridegroom’s family also gifts several items to the bride. Items ranging from jewelry to clothes to kitchen goods to household utility items to artifacts, especially Ganesha paintings there is a wide range of gifting options that are best suited for a traditional Hindu marriage. Not only family members, but friends also give gifts to bride and groom’s family. While precious ornaments remain a popular gift choice among family, keeping in tandem with the modern trends, people have started exploring other gifting options. Trendsetters are experimenting with contemporary gifting options like paintings and sculptures based on religious themes. If proper care is taken, then paintings and sculptures make timeless gifting options.

    Over the last few years, giving idols or Ganesha paintings during marriage ceremonies have become very common as Lord Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of wealth and prosperity. Many think that mesmeric Ganesha paintings and Ganesha idols set in precious metal make a perfect choice for these trendsetters as Lord Ganesha is also called Vighanharta, the one who destroys any possible obstacle. While a standalone painting or idol of Lord Ganesha makes a perfect gift for festivals like Diwali, it is not apt for occasions like marriage. If you will ask any elder in your family, he will tell you to abstain from giving these paintings and idols to newly weeded couple. In Hindu tradition, a bride is considered as Goddess Lakshmi. It is also believed that Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi always accompany each other. It is believed that if the bride’s family gifts Lord Ganesha’s painting or idol to the bride then it will lose its economic prosperity. Well, these are the beliefs of our elders whether you believe in this ideology or not, is entirely up to you.

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