• SEP 28 to OCT 09
    Group Exhibition
    WORKS ON PAPER 29th September - 9th October 2016


    • Group Exhibition
    • Prints & Works on Paper

    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 28 to OCT 09, 2016


    Vernissage: 6-8:30

    Event Location

    The Brick Lane Gallery

    The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe, London, E1 6HR
    United Kingdom

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    WORKS ON PAPER 29th September – 9th October 2016 Preview: Wednesday 28th September 6pm – 8:30pm The Brick Lane Gallery-The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR ANDREA MUÑOZ | ASHLEY STARK | B.MARIE | EMMA LARSSON | GIACOMO PILATO | JOHAN MELANTON | MAKERIE STUDIO | PASKEVSKA | RODNEY DURSO | VG WAYMER Works on Paper explores the infinite possibilities that paper has to offer. Through printing, etching and collage, using watercolour, pencil and ink, the artists in this exhibition have used paper in unique ways to portray their own artistic expression. This show will present these works side by side, showing how these artists have manipulated paper using a wide range of mixed media, and depicting their personal and varied journeys through the one thing that their artworks have in common – paper. One of the exhibiting artists, VG Waymar was trained as an illustrator before the onset of computers. She is a self-taught digital artist and uses fashion illustrations to highlight social issues that are at the forefront of the fashion industry. Her illustrations are created digitally, and then printed, which marks a further method of the manipulation of paper. Rodney Durso, has described his work in this exhibition as a mix of many things, created in a number of ways. Sometimes viscerally — with brush in hand —fueled by loud music, emotion and caffeine, other times it’s more meditative, working in a deliberate fashion. Currently, he is working in mixed media, including collage, acrylic, and photo transfers on limestone clay, custom wood boxes and paper in a variety of sizes. Giacomo Pilato, another artist showing, has also worked in various mediums, having studied at the International School of Comics, where he specialized in comics and digital illustration. However his selection of work contains only engraving works as these best express the ideas and the work carried out so far. The use of diverse media has engaged him into a never-ending challenge with himself, with the purpose of uncovering and overcoming his limits. You are warmly welcome to join us at the opening night of WORKS ON PAPER at The Brick Lane Gallery-The Annexe open from 6pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 28th September 2016.

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