• JAN 08 to MAR 15
    Solo Exhibition
    Yago Hortal


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 08 to MAR 15, 2013

    Event Location

    Galeria Senda

    Consell de Cent, 337

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    The works of Yago Hortal (Barcelona, 1983) have garnered him the interest from first-level companies through his vibrant online presence. Lives and works in Berlin, but he’s back to design this new exhibition at galeria SENDA, after having done so in Los Ángeles, New York, Wisconsin and Berlín. It is the only artist in the gallery below 30 years that has a personal painting style that isn’t influenced by the previous generations of Spanish painters, being on-par with the international art trends.

    His imaginative use of colour hasn’t gone unnoticed in the online world. Yago Hortal has been asked out for images of his work by leading companies in their fields, such as fashion, cosmetics, clock making or consulting firms. Not only, he has been doing collaborations to design and customize objects such as toys or snowboards.

    In this exhibition, Yago Hortal presents you a series of painting in which the use of colour is the leading actor, through its energetic strokes. The super-sized application of it coupled with the use of saturated tones grants his works an enticing visual impact in which is displayed, with great harmony and audacity, multiple chromatic matrices. The possible shapes and combinations expand through the canvas up until the point that it storms out of it, invading the architectural space. This way Hortal employs colour to symbolize vitality and impetus by using big quantities of pictorial mass that confer which work with an intense expressive value, vaguely sculptural or bas-relief.

    The creation of the work allows Yago Hortal the possibility to establish a pondered relation between chaos and control. Said relation manifests itself through a directed fluency and a contained naturalness, which encompass the link between the elements’ disorder and visual coherency of the whole.

    Yago uses a great variety of random shapes, undulations and gushes of paint to lead the eyesight of the viewer through the entire canvas (and beyond), conferring the feeling of movement to the work. The reproduction, so exact, of the strokes’ movement through the canvas and the understanding of the painting methodology are attributes of a neat execution of the work, an abstract way for the artist to express itself that joins the spontaneous with the rational by addressing us with a compelling formal vocabulary sustained by a masterful control of the pictorial resources.

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