• SEP 17 to OCT 06
    Solo Exhibition
    Zuli Olcese inaugura


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    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 17 to OCT 06, 2015

    Vernissage: Inauguración, jueves 17 de septiembre a las 20:30h.

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    C/ Santa María, 15

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    (automatic translation)

    Research and art in its experimental space Art Room presents the latest series of

    Z U I O L C E S L E


    from September 17 to October 6, 2015

    Inauguration, Thursday, September 17 at 20:30.


    would be possible, at the same time, celebrate and at the same time, to ponder the existence? Certainly we're not used to this, and we disrupted our limited predisposition to both conditions at the same action would be like being in mass and de-nuclearize, as saying the cervantino, or swim and save the clothing.
    joy babe and exonerates the extroversion, something prevents him from stopping and braking to other truths , instead investigate conjures the constriction and overturns in the introspection precluding him riot.
    all art can, thus way figurative, but real in his presence is configured both given as far as possible, there is the possibility of combining antagonistic. This is where the abstract forms but organic-looking, call "energy", drawings and colored textures that has developed the author Zuli Olcese in Patagonian retirement, I have put in solfa to profess the exaltation along with meditation, truth, through contemplation , but validating in like-minded fit both proposals in principle unable to accompany.
    ZULI OLCESE is an artist of ideas, accurate, patient and at the same time non-conventional, technique that has been developing his career with more devotion and dedication than with marketing gimmicky and snobbish, that if internationally recognized by the art collective in various awards and biennales.
    ZULI OLCESE was born in Buenos Aires and studied ceramics Fernando Arranz national school and the Academy Raffaello de Urbino (Italy). He has had numerous exhibitions in America, Europe and Asia, by participating in international meetings in Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Sweden, Finland, Japan, etc... Among other awards, was second prize in the Prague Triennale in 2004. His work in Spain has been in the Estampa fair, catharsis Gallery, and now in Art Room a second time.

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