• Aleseide Gallery - Spain

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    Aleseide Gallery

    calle leopoldo alas clarin N8, Madrid

    Tel. +34 722370573

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    • Contemporary


    After having been present for over 20 years in the art retailing sector we are putting forward our new firm dedicated exclusively to modern art commercialisation and its proliferation, concretely in this case sculptures of the most renowned 20th century Spanish artists.
    All of the sculptures we are offering present unique characteristics as these are sui generis or limited editions already unavailable on the common market because of the high demand of art collectors and making them of limited access due to their singularity.
    The most significant Spanish artists who are well known and an established quality reference in all of Europe, their sculptures and art work are present in the most distinguished museums all over the world as well as the best private collections, artists whose work is auctioned in the finest auction houses for exceptional biddings.

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