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    Bing Hitchcock Gallery

    44 Trafalgar Street, Brighton
    United Kingdom

    Tel. +44 1273604747
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    • Contemporary
    • Modern Art


    The Bing Hitchcock Gallery 44 Trafalgar Street Brighton BN1 4ED England UK.

    Artist and owner Bing Hitchcock masters all his work to CHROMALUXE using a process call dye sublimation to fuse his art onto metal. The term 'sublimation' describes the transition of a substance (in this case the special ink) directly from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid first. Using both heat and pressure the dye particles change into gas, bond with the polymers in the aluminium, and then change back into a solid state; fusing the image and the aluminium together.

    CHROMALUXE prints are archival. highly resilient and require no additional glass, acrylic, lamination or coating to protect them. The dye sublimation process renders images waterproof, abrasion resistant, fire resistant and chemical resistant - making artwork suitable for any interior or exterior environment.

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