• Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery - Spain

    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday: 16: 30 - 2O:30 on Saturday: 11:00-14:00 or by appointment


    Combustión Espontánea Art Gallery

    Amaniel 20, Madrid

    Tel. +34 676626709
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    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists


    Combustion Espontanea emerges in the year 2013, projecting an itinerant and temporary, ephemeral and different art space, a pop up gallery with web support, which, after a year of travel, decided to renew his concept to create a permanent space in Madrid. The main aim of the Gallery is the diffusion and promotion of national and international artists, establishing synergies between emerging artists and others already more established concluding in suggestive exhibitions, that invite the Viewer to reflect to the diversity of expressions that have developed the new artistic trends.

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