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    This initiative has been taken by the dutch artist and curator Carolus Stoop in order to allow outstanding artists to realize individual exhibitions in different countries and at remarkable locations.

    Carolus Stoop is working as an international curator of art events for nearly 20 years and would like to share his "know how" by offering an appropriate and by experience consolidated service for the realization of individual exhibitions of by him selected artists.

    His interest is going out to artists with innovative and experimental art whose work may be considered as consolidated and with enough grow possibilities in the international art market. Not only by their convincing ways of working, but as well by their professional need to get their work promoted internationally and seen by a wider public.

    All media may be considered for an eventual curatorial approach in order to develop a solid exhibition concept encouraged by a personalized promotion plan in function of the exhibition to realize.

    Once the artist has been selected his work will be studied rigorously and a curatorial process will start in order to work out the best possible exhibition concept including the selection of location and the appropriate promotion planning.

    Selected artists should inscribe for the service counting that the preparation process will take at least from 6 months to one year before the realization of an individual art show of the characteristics that will be specified in a previous planning.

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