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    Eduardo Salinas Rozas

    Teruel 7059 La Reina, Santiago

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    was born in Iquique (Chile). His earliest memories relate to the love of their parents: drawing and modeling. So early what initially was a game, turned in his vocation.
    began his training with formal art in the school of Stonecutters of the University of Chile. Later complemented his studies with painting classes at the school of fine arts from the same University.
    in 1976, won the first Crafts Prize awarded by the Ministry of education (EDUPROF) and the following year , he received first prize in the sculpture category granted by that same Ministry.
    is passionate about what makes and transmits it to his countless disciples, who daily visit in his workshop. Already before had taught at training courses for teachers of technical education Manual and manual arts in Santiago de Chile, until 1986.
    always is looking for and discovering new forms of art expression propaganda that prints them his personal style. A few years ago has again resumed painting oil.
    numerous are his exhibitions. He has edited and collaborated in different art magazines. He has taught seminars, national and international.
    many of his works are signed in scattered throughout the world under the pseudonym "salahi".

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