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    Esart Galeria Barcelona

    diputacio 188, Barcelona

    Tel. +93 4545532
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    • Contemporary


    (automatic translation)

    Esart Gallery was founded in June 1990, with two very clear ideas about their goal.
    the first is the offer (to the public and specifically to lovers of art) the opportunity to enjoy and be able to choose works of selected artists, in a downtown area, advising the public more timely work for the occasion.
    is the second the promote artists through exhibitions on his works, whether individual or collective.
    the fact of having two spaces to be able to expose, allows that once the exhibition itself in one of the rooms, the artist can stay one while longer with some of his most important works exposed in the interior of the Gallery Hall, so that the public can continue to enjoy one time of the work of the exhibiting artist together with the work of other artists also exhibitors at this gallery.
    This must add you to various art-related activities, how: book presentations, concerts, editions of catalogues, recitals of poetry, etc. Always with the incessant will to protect and promote art in all its aspects.
    this year has emerged the idea of incorporating, in the programming of exhibitions, samples of other cultures and countries such as France, Italy, Argentina, the Japan, Russia...
    different shapes and styles to represent the art. Different but very valid, to help us further enrich our main idea.

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