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    In Gandia, 1,000 kilometres from Lisbon, on the Mediterranea coast of Valencia, is a space called CASADELPINTOR, which for decades has promoted Valencian art and artists at an international level. It is a place fostered by Antonio Miñana and Montse Boigues, a couple who have turned their house into a home for artists and a reference point for everything artistic in the province of Valencia. In 2015, they joined an international project, which now lands in Lisbon for the first time – it aims to link artistic collaborations from elsewhere in the world, open doors to art and give a chance for Valencian, Catalan, and Balearic art to travel. Candela Boïgues, Valencian, is a History of Art and Fine Arts expert currently living in Portugal and in love with Lisbon. She finds at the Galería Abraço a space with naked walls willing to be dressed up with eclectic works, ready to give birth to this project of Mediterranean artists in the city of Lisbon.

    DE VORA À BEIRA (from coast to coast, in Portuguese and Catalan), arrives in the port of Lisbon as a cultural space that brings two shores together – Lisbon and the Med. A space for art and visitors to interact as equals, wherever they come from and wherever they stay. From Vora to Beira (as the meaning hints), wishes to be a space with no closed margins, like the river of life, the land that welcomes us… No borders or language barriers: bringing the coasts, the shores, and the arts together as something universal and eternal, because all those lines and horizons that divide us are actually just points of contact.

    De VORA À BEIRA invites everyone to celebrate the onset of this project, which has these goals:

    - To promote modern Mediterranean art.

    - To develop a partner network enabling democratic art offers that don’t understand neither distance nor borders.

    - To get to know Portuguese art and bring together the diverse cultures of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as those of the islands.

    - To open the doors to a space where there’s room for artists who bet on their work.

    - To facilitate contact between the artists’ creativity and the audience’s diversity.

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