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    Since its inception in 1992, the Gallery Amador de los Rios has focused on the promotion and diffusion of contemporary Spanish art. Some clear examples have been the exhibitions as natures Vivas, a celebrated show at the year 2000, which collected works by the artists of the new figuration Madrilena in a tribute to the deceased Rafael Pérez Mínguez and Carlos Alcolea.

    Have also been exhibitions of the naifs Tomás de la Fuente (1988 - 1973) and Higinio Mallebrera (1891-1980), painter Gerardo Rueda (1926-1996), the German Hans Bloch (1909-1998), José Manaut Viglietti (1898-1971) and Antonio Fernández Molina(1927-2005).

    But, without a doubt, if anything characterises this gallery has been the commitment being to young artists seeking to gain a foothold in the world of art. In recent years they have gone through his room national artists such as painters Isabel Cajide, Gardenia may, Pablo Quejido, María Gómez, Marta Arguelles, and the ceramist Tino Priego. Among the foreign artists who have exhibited at the Gallery could be noted in the painters Shoji Ito, Rusland Galazov, João Velhô, David Paquet or the Portuguese sculptor Moses.

    In recent years, Amador de los Ríos Gallery has resumed exposures to representatives of the new figuration madrilena. Thus, there have been examples such as Juan Antonio Aguirre (2010), Dis Berlin (2010), Carlos Franco (2010), Santiago Serrano (2010), Javier Utray (homage to Javier Utray, 2010)Luis and Pablo Pérez Mínguez (Pérez brothers Mínguez, 2011), Juan Antonio Aguirre (series Challenge, 2013)

    have also been exhibitions such as the Schizo (2010) or La Movida (2013) with works by Juan Antonio Aguirre, Alfonso Albacete, Carlos Alcolea (1949-1992), Jaime Aledo, Dis Berlin, Chema Cobo, Carlos Forns Bada, Carlos FrancoLuis Gordillo, Ouka Leele, Sigfrido Martín Begué (1959-2010), Herminio Molero, Luis Pérez Mínguez, Pablo Perez Minguez (1946-2012), Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Manolo moan, and Javier Utray (1945-2005)

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