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    Habitar la Línea

    C/Amparo, 91, Madrid

    Tel. +34 658028128
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    • Emerging Artists


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    Live line is a project of collaborative art and an active space in meetings and exchanges related to the Visual Arts. Works on the border in many places:? • creative workshop? • Arts classroom? • emerging art space? • and all that through the use of artistic practice, propose our people.? Its objective is to promote the creative participation of anyone who wants to live in this place, we invite to create.? There are several needs at the start of the project:? • Share experiences and knowledge? • Visualize the strategies, techniques and media that artists use in the creation and production of artistic projects current • used art as a vehicle to improve our involvement in the responsibility that we have as a people? Our space, located in the C / Amparo, 91 of the neighborhood of Lavapiés in Madrid, is a meeting place where to be able to inhabit every corner of artistic activity. Jorge Wagensberg, physicist and author of the book if nature is the answer, what was the question? like to use two quotes which summarized the philosophy of our project very well:? "In this area that is not land anyone or anything, but fairly land everything and everyone, there are two essential occupations. One is to promote ideas where few reach, because few invest in questionable or unsafe ground. The other is to facilitate the passage of ideas across the border".? "… the inhabitant of the border is open to innovation, is willing to take risks, to waste time, give up privileges and advantages (antiquity and the experience);" maintains the temple in solitude, he is generous to the adversary, noble competition, easily loses the sense of the ridiculous, but never the sense of humor; and struggled in thousand adventures against uncertainty knowledge coup".

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