• La Neomudejar - Spain

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    Opening Jun 5 - Visits before the opening could be arranged. Please call at +34 915 28 33 49


    La Neomudejar

    C / Antonio Nebrija, s / n, Madrid

    Tel. +34 915 28 33 49
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    Institution type

    Art Center


    • Contemporary


    La Neomudejar is a cutting-edge arts center and artist residency.

    We gives priority to creation over discourses and ruling theories in the current art circuits. The avant-garde arts center connects with the original base of natural theories opposed to established art. This creative architecture comes after the identication of an artistic collective´s shortage and opts for a performance-based response above the prevailing academic discourse cloud. The Neomudejar priority is to encourage, promote and give visibility to the emerging creators.  

    The aim is to establish an international space for multidisciplinary artists on a ongoing basis for new codes and languages that deep into experimentation. Video art, installations, performes, street art, parkour, robotics, translation of bodies, etc ... are some of the disciplines that is meant to accompany The Neomudejar.

    Special attention is given to new generation technology formats and wasted, they deserve to be recycled in a concious and creative way against the immediacy and expiration dates of the consumer societies such as Super8.

    The Neomudejar is co-directed by Francisco Brives and Nestor Prieto ideologues and founders of the project.

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