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    me & the curiosity is a new project of support to the artistic creation that was born in Barcelona in the year 2013 in the context of transformation of the art market.

    with a desire to clear break down barriers and bring contemporary art to the public, me & the curiosity, proposes a new way to discover the art, close and accessible, where quality and experimentation are key formulas.

    following the Pop-up philosophy, exhibitions, interventions and events of me & the curiosity, they do not have a stable physical space but that they emerge in different places, all of them unique.

    the web of me & the curiosity is the site from which you can access information about artists, projects and works, events, prices and other elements which are updated and that serve to deepen in aspects related to the art, its market and the relationships established.

    me & the curiosity wants to stimulate a young collectors, attracted by a new way of approaching art, honest, spontaneous, next, transparent and quality, as well as enhance the commitment of companies and foundations in support of creation.

    under these premises, me & the curiosity uses a hybrid format that combines on-site experiences of the offline world with tools that offers the world online, social networks, Internet and last generation technologies.

    in me & the curiosity we work carefully with the public, artists and collectors, and are committed to artists who have in common a very personal work and a strong commitment to the art.

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