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    I am a young Creator who has a fascination for the dark, this has always filled my vision and the gaps that I have had as a person. The darkness as an absence of light, gives me the power to give a bright approach to my taste and power. The darkness has made me be who I am, since it has given him a touch of harmony and reflecting on my life, is not a form of hide me, but rather a way of finding me. And finding myself with a dark canvas on which to paint many things, because I think I found my true passion and woke up my true talent.

    "If the world were clear, art would not exist"
    Albert Camus

    As the title suggests the work is mainly based on the natural aspects of our environment, those who are at first glance, but that does not give us the time to admire them. Although work is not conventional, there is a background at all times; put it of another way, the project has the purpose of give an impact, but to the same time is designed to them spectators can draw their own conclusions.

    The purpose and rationale of the project is the fisiograma, which is usually not much work. This is a waste, because not have nor idea of it fascinating that is work with this. Expose animals painted between the nature of such way that really seem to be in that place, but will be a fauna little conventional.

    Imagination, fiction, reality, irony, surrealism, subjectivity all that and more in a single work. The objectives of the work are not fame, it is to raise awareness. The landscapes of all the fantastic stories and legends were once in forests or landscapes that were merely dream. Now in this new century, mainly, have created so many stories in scenarios destroyed by pollution and by all kinds of harm to the environment when we lost?
    I will start with my place of origin and its surroundings, before you can have a positive impact should begin by setting the bases well and that is what I will try to do. Near my home, there are many very beautiful places, but the people that inhabit them even notice; now even they should remember their history. What they tried to do is recover the love for nature and all the fantastic because if we forget the imagination where is the fun? Lost vision and above all passion.

    Will work in such a way to leave different marks between different people. Imagine it as a ladder, the first steps will be the animals that can be found in our nature and that we already know, but will be out of their habitat. E.g. jellyfish floating or swimming (depends on the perspective that you want to give, as I mentioned it is subjectivity, let the imagination fly) among the trees. Then we focus in the middle of the ladder with a mathematical and artistic, shock the divine proportion between irregular (apparently). Finally we leave the best, at the top of the ladder will be fantasies that we devoured children, everything that I avivo our imagination and we projected towards all kinds of unrealistic places.

    This will have different interpretations, because just for the example of the staircase I I can imagine it as a set of boards nailed to the trunk of a tree to be able to scale it. One could imagine an electric or cement, perhaps metal, feel the subjectivity.

    what the imagination? Because it is the best way to do introspection, to see how it is that your mind wander to know yourself. Imagination is much more powerful than we think, but believe me remember what a mind with jealousy can make and all that product of the mind, imagine.

    The point is to help the most that is possible to appreciate the nature and thus to respect it, to appreciate what we have close, remember the inner child that we all have, to look for us and find us using art as a means. Once Li Tai-Po said "the world is full of small joys: art is able to distinguish them."

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