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    The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

    Bolotnaya emb. 3, b.1, Moscow, Russia, Moscow

    Tel. +7 (495) 228 98 78
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    Since its inception in 2010, the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography has prominently positioned itself as one of Russia’s leading photography venues, renowned for presenting an in-depth insight into Soviet and Russian 20th century photography and showcasing European and American artists of international standing. Located in the former chocolate factory Red October in the heart of Moscow, the Center comprises 3 halls and hosts around 18 exhibitions each year.

    The exhibition program has been built around the Center’s collection and its collaborations with contemporary photographers, private collectors, museums, and festivals, including partnerships with the Russian Museum and the Fotofest International Biennial, and is complemented by an extensive publishing program and education activities such as artist’s talks, panel discussions, and workshops.
    The Center is committed to providing a wide range of perspectives on the Soviet legacy. It has had the privilege of exhibiting the works of avant-garde artist Boris Ignatovich and established photojournalists from the 1920s-1930s: Emmanuel Yevzerikhin, Yakov Khalip, and Arkadiy Shaikhet. The programming has a strong focus on bringing to light postwar photography, which though has paralleled the development of European and American photography, has been left out of the international art scene due to a pervasive policy of censorship in the USSR.

    In addition to its national focus the Center places a heavy emphasis on providing its audience with a broad range of international photographic work. The Center has showcased one of the forefathers of contemporary photography Williem Klein, figurehead of “environmental portraiture” Arnold Newman, eccentric street photographer Vivian Maier, established photojournalists Steve Schapiro, Sabine Weiss, Ruth Orkin, and Josef Koudelka, independent contemporary photojournalist Beat Schweizer, prominent West Coast photographer Wynn Bullock, conceptual artist Arno Rafael Minkkinen amongst others.

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