• Yuri López Kullins Galería de Arte - Spain

    Opening hours

    Tuesday to Friday from 16 to 20 Saturday from 11-14.30


    Yuri López Kullins Galería de Arte

    Calle Santa Brígida, 23, Madrid

    Tel. +34 699670415
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    • Emerging Artists
    • Contemporary
    • Mexicano y Latinoamericano


    Yuri López Kullins is an art gallery of the city of Mexico, which has just opened its space for display and promotion in Madrid.

    Room promotes the work of a variety of artists, both emerging and consolidated experience, with strong presence of Mexican and Latin American.
    Gallery Yuri Lopez Kullins Madrid is a space dedicated to boosting the career of plastic creators, advising and guiding them to make position in the art market and progress on the artistic level.

    Of the same mode, orients to collectors and fans to the art to acquire works of quality to prices affordable or parts of artists consolidated with a career recognized.

    The space exhibits monthly parts of numerous artists and has with a catalog virtual of each one of them. Of this mode, is converts in a point of encounter between artists and fans to the art, that have interest by know forms of expression of them creators Mesoamerican e Hispanic.

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