Meet the writers selected in our open call for articles

ArtDiscover Talents 2013

 seeks to promote the up-and-coming talents of contemporary art criticism and culture journalism worldwide. 

That is why we launched the Talents 2013 open call for articles. We were looking 
for young talents who have a clear and concise voice, with a passion for art and culture. 

From the many talented writers who have submitted their work to the open call, our editorial team has had the difficult task of choosing only 12. The resulting selection is made up of talented young writers from 5 countries and 10 different cities. 

These new talents will be first featured on our digital magazine during the month of May. 

Meet the ArtDiscover Talents 2013:


Gisela Gallego 
Holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master in Social Uses of Communication at the University of Valladolid. For several years now, she has working in print media as a writer specializing in cultural journalism. She has designed and conducted radio programs in the context of social projects and has taught in the areas of formal and informal education. At the academic level, she has investigated new literacies and intergenerational relations through art and journalism. Currently she is a contributor to several magazines linked to Latin American culture, writes stably for  “Carta de España”and the site “El Gran Otro”.


Estefanía Sánchez Pérez
BA in History of Art (2005-10) and a Masters in Art History: Knowledge and Heritage Stewardship (2011-12) with the completion of the master's thesis work entitled "Chiaroscuro of contemporary artistic culture in times of crisis" the University of Granada. I currently live in Brussels in search of new job opportunities, and I am coordinating the number of the month of June of the magazine "HUM 736: Papers of contemporary culture" of the University of Granada.


Amanda Alcalde Archoleka 
With the artistic reviews intend to go further in the artistic study, researching new artists in contemporary art, getting to know their influences, their mental projections, historical context ... and best of all, to give my view and opinion on this, something every art lover wishes for both personal and business experience.

Silvia Álvarez Mena Has worked as a curator of international exhibitions with prestigious cultural institutions such as CAC Málaga Picasso Foundation. She has worked in the programming department of international film festivals. Addition she is an art critic for various publications in print and digital. Currently she is a PhD in Contemporary Art and New Media from the University of Barcelona.

Isabel Álvarez Barrio
Studied journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid after obtaining Honours in the Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences. While in Madrid she took courses on art criticism and film. Works in the press office of JAGUAR LAND ROVER Iberian and as a graphic designer for Unidad Editorial. During the summer months she will combine this work with Museum Assistant at the Monastery of Santa María La Real (Najera, La Rioja). 

Violeta Esparza Parra
Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005 from the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia and Master in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2007. Currently resides in Valencia, where she is engaged in doctoral research, as well as plastic execution of her own work.

Elena Herrera Quintana
Studied sociology from UCM, specializing in Culture, Communication and Knowledge. She then completed her studies at the Open University studying "Latest Trends in Art" and developing an interest in the analysis of contemporary art and its relationship to the social world. From Madrid, with a Mallorcan family, passed by the AU of Barcelona and the ELTE University of Budapest, deepening there in the relationship between art and social movements. She has published several articles in magazines Spanish territory as Feminizine, The Way Out Magazine, DaybyDay and other publications online. 

Ana Manuela Jiménez del Moral 
Born in Linares the summer of 1986, and being very young she discovered literature. Studied art history in Granada, a city that she fell in love and left a huge mark in her spirit. Has also been formed in teaching history and heritage, while always writing. In 2011 won the first prize of short story in the II Intergenerational  Poetry and Short Story Contest Water Mirrors.

Mar Schoenenberger
Writer and cultural critic, decided to strengthen her interest in the world of art and literature to specializing in both areas during the last two years of the Bachelor of Humanities at the University Pompeu Fabra. In 2012 earned a Masters in Creative Writing at the University Pompeu Fabra and was awarded the short story prize of UPF Alumni for the storu the Foreign Night, award in which the writer and master teacher Juan Villoro served as jury. Mar has done collaborations for Hac d'Hac magazine publishing articles and reviews on art and literature. For two years she worked in the administration of the University Pompeu Fabra coordinating cultural projects for alumni and currently resides in Barcelona, working as a editorial reader for the group Edicions 62.


Rachel Dedman 
Is the current Von Clemm Fellow at Harvard University, where she is completing a scholarship year of post-graduate study in Middle Eastern art. This has included work on the medieval and pre-modern, particularly Persian manuscripts and Islamic architecture, and Arabic language and literature. Her research, however, lies in contemporary Middle Eastern art; Rachel works primarily on artists from Lebanon and Iraq. Originally from London, UK, Rachel earned her First-class BA in the History of Art from Oxford University.


Marta del Pozo Ortea.
She holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is currently doing an MFA in Creative Writing at New York University, specializing in the writing of contemporary art criticism. She has lectured in several countries on art and literary criticism and has published in The International Journal of Iberian Studies, The Latin Americanist, Lucero (Berkeley University) or Quimera magazine, among others. She is currently teaching Spanish at New York University and is part of the scientific committee of "A Reenchantment of the World? New Media, New Ways of Knowing".


Wayner Tristão Gonçalves
Born in 1978 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the UFMG in 2002. Arts Specialization UNC, Argentina 2004 Scholarship AUGM. UNAM Master in Visual Arts 2006 Grant from the SRE of Mexico. Ongoing PhD Scholarship Global Development UABC PROMEP Profile.