The Ora Prize, organized by Associazione culturale Radar, will select a total of 30 artists worldwide.

10 international galleries seek new artists
- FEB 22, 2013
The prestigious ORA Prize is a important oportunity for artists from around the globe to be featured in a solo exhibition in a leading international gallery. 

10 galleries will select 10 artists for solo shows, and 20 artists for the catalogue

The deadline for presenting artworks is April 10, 2013.  Here are the Terms and Conditions of the ORA Prize:

An open prize

The ORA prize is open to all artists with no restrictions on age, nationality, thinking, technique or any other factor. The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels. 


The ORA prize was created to offer artists a practical opportunity to present their work to some active worldwide galleries. All the works entered will, in fact, be examined by a jury of 10 gallerists, providing unique visibility and an opportunity to be contacted directly by art system professionals interested in your work. Each of the 10 galleries will select a winner who will be offered the chance to stage a solo show including critical and commercial support with the prize organizers responsible for national-level communications and publicity. A further 20 artists felt to be particularly deserving will be featured together the winning artists in the prestigious ORA prize catalogue.

Works accepted

All completed works will be accepted as entries, including those already presented in other exhibitions and competitions. The prize is not divided into sections and all forms of artistic expression are accepted, with no restrictions in terms of materials and media used, dimensions or subject matter. Artists may participate with an unlimited number of works, following the procedure indicated in the entry form section of this site. All works will remain the property of the artists. The artists will be able to independently manage all their own information by themselves, change their personal data, delete and add files throughout the entire duration of the award. It is not necessary that the works submitted for the award will remain available. The artists chosen as winners will create a new project for them solo exhibition and will be free to use the presented works or to show new ones.

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