The young Danish photographer took one photograph during 365 days to document his personal creative journey.

365 photos of a year in the life of Marcus Møller Bitsch
Brisbane - NOV 29, 2013

What does a year in the life of a creative individual look like? Marcus Møller Bitsch, a 20 year old freelance photographer from Denmark, has spent a year photographing his life giving us a candid look at the context that inspires this young artist.

365 photos of a year in the life of Marcus Møller Bitsch

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky / Individuality

The best part is that Møller combines the idea of a visual diary, which in itself is something other artists have explored, with his characteristic surreal and magical style of photography. The result is a conceptual journey to the mind and soul of creativity.

"The 365 days project" shows Møller's personal challenge to create and process a photograph every day. At the centre of the 365 images is his image, with a wide variety of self-portraits that show his many faces, moods and emotions. The artist explains that his interest in this personal journey came from his desire to learn and discover the world of photography, his passion since about 3 years ago.

365 photos of a year in the life of Marcus Møller Bitsch

Clouded Mind / Explosive Thoughts

Together the photographs tell a great number of stories, showing Møller's storytelling capacity and the conceptual narrative he creates through his work. The series is full of contemplative scenes, magical yet disquieting moments and surreal activities that reveal his personal imagination.



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