Miso, Miss Led, Hyuro and AliCè are 4 urban artists to keep an eye on

4 urban artists to keep an eye on
Barcelona - JUL 04, 2013
We've rounded up 4 fantastic urban artists making the streets of cities worldwide a nicer place and taking illustration to a new level. These 4 ladies represent different approaches to urban art and use different techniques, but they all share one thing: true artistic quality.
4 urban artists to keep an eye on
Take the pictorial genius of Gustave Klimt to the street and you will have Miso's unmistakeable style and technique. Working with paper, she creates a universe of delicately defined of characters and geometric patterns that recalled Ukrainian folklore. 


4 urban artists to keep an eye on
©Miss Led
Miss Led is a talented live painter and illustrator known as the "first lady" of European urban art, she has been painting under the name Miss Led for the last four years but she's already made a place for her playful and flirty images. 
4 urban artists to keep an eye on
Hyuro's murals bring something completely different to street art. Mysterious and melancholic, her black and white images are surreal and haunting. Even her greatest work, the largest street art piece in Denmark, is innovative as it combines animation and her are characteristic style.
4 urban artists to keep an eye on
AliCè is a painter of emotions. Her murals show the connections between people, through colorful and complex images. The women portrayed in the murals show a strong and independent femininity, away from the sexualized image usually portrayed in the media.


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