Fabian Bürgy, Leandro Erlich, Mehmet Ali Uysal and Derek Paul Boyle are 4 installation artists capable of transforming reality

Artists capable of altering reality
Barcelona - JUL 05, 2013
These four artists create stunning installations and works that transgress the limits of perception, in order to challenge the established laws of the use of objects and spacial perception.

Fabian Bürgy
 is a sculptor and independent digital creative that constantly seeks the point where metamorphosis takes place. His method is based on developing a specific thought concerning a common object by confronting it with a conflict that lays outside its normality. Through a minimalistic concepction and absolute precision, the visual and sometimes physical representation of this confrontation explores the precise instant where an object becomes something else. 
Artists capable of altering reality
©Leandro Erlich, Dalston House
Leandro Erlich could be called an architect of the uncertain. With a single change in the spatial perception, where up is down or inside is out, he manages to create spaces where boundaries are fluid and unstable, collapsing reality. The sense of uncertainty is inmediate and helping to declare our sense of reality as false.
Artists capable of altering reality
©Mehmet Ali Uysal, Skin

Mehmet Ali Uysal is master of altering the purpose or use of a common object, and in consequence, transforming the space that surrounds it. His works bring to light the potential, often humorous and playful, of everyday places and things, through a small change that brings an infinite number of new associations and possibilities. 

Artists capable of altering reality
©Derek Paul Boyle

Derek Paul Boyle explores the poder of contradiction. His work seeks to give form to complex emotions through the alteration of space and objects, confronting incompatibles states of being and use with elements of absurdist philosophy. 


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