The street artist Brad Downey reinvents urban objects to explore the limits of public behaviour.

Brad Downey's spontaneous sculptures and reinvented objects
Berlin - OCT 31, 2013

Brad Downey's street art takes a close look at the control of public behaviour with a provocative humour that leaves no one indifferent. The North American artist, who currently lives in Berlin, reinvents public objects and elements, transforming their simple materials into temporary interventions.

Downey reinserts the objects into everyday landscapes creating a new relationship between public and private space and the individuals that pass by them. This way, he incites the viewer to be aware of the signals and systems that rule over the urban environment dictating our movements around the city.

By reinventing the urban objects, Downey achieves an instant decontextualization that brings to light signs that are normally overlooked due to their subtle manipulation capacity. His goal is to explore how this systematic control affects the evaluation of self and social status, as well as the evaluation of art.

The interrelations established between the public and private spaces that these interventions simultaneously inhabit, reflect the continuous overlapping of property, space and personal experience in a society centred on privatization.



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