The price of the ticket for temporary exhibitions starting May 1st will be four euros and for clients of the entity it will continue to be free.

CaixaForum in Barcelona and Madrid will charge entry to exhibitions
Barcelona - FEB 19, 2013

CaixaForum, museum of Social Labour of La Caixa, will implement a new policy of charging for visiting exhibitions as of May 1, in order to devote the amount raised to new initiatives of its social labour. Because of this, the tickets to temporary exhibitions, which until now were free, will cost 4 euros. The thirteen million customers of La Caixa will not be affected by this change. 

The center had already made some changes in guided tours, which until January 2 were free and now have come to be charged at a price of 3 euros, although the clients of The Caixa also have a 50% discount.

Despite the policy change, the center has explained that the changes reflect its desire to "add value" and proposed world class exhibits at affordable prices for visitors, and they have confirmed that the budget destined to them will not be reduced. In addition, they have also emphasized that this measure will allow the center for continue offering the quality of the various shows presented each year.

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