Rodrigo Cañete and Agnieszka Gratza, two leading London based art critics will cover The Other Art Fair for ArtDiscover. What will happen? Find out this weekend.

Critic vs. Critic Experiment: two art critics visit the same event, together
London - APR 23, 2013

Edit: Check out the results of our Critic vs. Critic Experiment. 

Part I: 
Rodrigo Cañete. GATEKEEPERS, OFF YOU GO!: The Art Fair Where Artists Love To Connect
Part II: Agnieszka Gratza. The Other Art Fair, the artist-friendly fair in London

What happens when two very different art critics visit the same event together? This is exactly what we want to find out on our Critic vs. Critic Experiment

The perception of an art event can considerably vary from one person to another. Personal aesthetic inclinations, intellectual baggage, preferences for certain discourses and themes, and differences in style and tone can all determine the impression that an art critic has when covering an art fair. The Critic vs. Critic Experiment seeks to highlight these differences between two art writers. But more importantly, the goal is to prove how these differences come together to elaborate a richer and more coherent view of the same event. 
Critic vs. Critic Experiment: two art critics visit the same event, together
The Other Art Fair

The experiment will take place during The Other Art Fair, London’s artist lead fair, celebrated on the 26, 27 and 28 of April. The fair showcases the work of the up and coming talents of British contemporary art before they sign with a specific gallery. In this particular setting, where artists are given the opportunity to sell their work directly, ArtDiscover will pair up two leading art critics, published in some of the London’s most prestigious publications. The chosen art critics are London based Rodrigo Cañete, author of Loveartnotpeople, and Agnieszka Gratza, independent writer and critic. During the 3 days of the fair, Cañete and Gratza will attend the event together, sharing their vision and their opinions.

Critic vs. Critic Experiment: two art critics visit the same event, together

Rodrigo Cañete is an art critic, blogger, writer and Courtauld PhD Candidate. He is specialised in contemporary art and the art market, Spanish XVII century art and culture, and cultural policies with specific focus on the Anglo Saxon world, Latin America and the Middle East. He also works as an art advisor and art dealer for numerous private corporate collections. His style as an art critic is direct and straightforward. With the analytical eye of an academic scholar, Cañete explores the contemporary art world and market, expressing his expertise through strong and well-argued opinions with hints of irreverent humour and a great deal of honesty.

Agnieszka Gratza
is a writer and critic specialised in art, performance and film. Her articles have appeared in magazines such as frieze, ArtReview, Artforum, Flash Art, Metropolis MPAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, Sight & Sound, as well as in the Guardian, The Observer and the New Statesman. As an academic, she has also published articles on the subject of Renaissance intellectual and cultural history. As an art critic, Gratza has the ability to create very visual narrative accounts of the performances and events she covers. Her style is as analytical as it is poetic, full of in-depth and detailed accounts that walk the reader through the event she describes. 

The interest of the Critic vs. Critic Experiment lays precisely in the differences and similarities between these two writers. Each will provide their personal style in order to create a detailed picture of The Other Art Fair, with accounts of their personal experiences. The articles will be published on the days following the event. 

Don´t miss the results of this experiment. 


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