The photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson creates digital images of surreal and impossible situations.

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson
Berlin - NOV 16, 2013

Erik Johansson is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden currently based in Berlin. He combines his background as a computer engineer and his love for digital photography to create incredible computer generated images of impossible, surreal and humorous situations. 

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson

©Erik Johansson, Drifting away

As he explains, Johansson does not capture moments; instead he captures ideas, complex and extremely detailed ideas born from a careful combination of images and a true mastery of photoshop. Constructed from hundreds of layers, thoroughly retouched and prepared, each image recreates a moment that lies between reality and complete fantasy, almost as if it could have been captured in the real world. Johansson's technique seeks realistic results and he often spends days or even weeks creating a single composition.

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson

©Erik Johansson, Cut and fold

Each photograph is achieved through a complex process, which he divides in 3 main steps: planning the image, shooting and collecting material, and constructing the final print. Normally, each image is accompanied by a tutorial or a behind the scenes video where he explains and highlights his process, technique and the difficulty of his work. 

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson

©Erik Johansson, Road worker's coffee break

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson

©Erik Johansson, Go your own road



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