IVAM revised the last 7 years of Jorge Pineda's artistic production

Exhibitions worth revisiting: After all, tomorrow is another day
Valencia - MAY 31, 2013
Jorge Pineda's exhibition, After all, tomorrow is another day, at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), summarizes, after the expression that gives it its title, those natural assertions that elicit the resignation of human beings, after gaining awareness of the harshness of the surrounding reality. That reaffirmation that arises, by accepting that life is harder than we have been told, although there is no possible solution to the complexities that make it up.

The eclectic show of the Dominican artist gathers his work from 2006 to the present, including works such as Oh Taschen, Taschen, Taschen, Taschen. Art Now, vol. 3 which is unfinished. In it coexist sculpture, installation and drawing, establishing a dialogue that swims between winks social violence, childhood or identity, as well as allusions to the art world, in which it is unclear whether he pays tribute or judges it with subtle irreverence. Images seasoned with nimble nonchalance of someone who openly faces que he wishes to tell.
Exhibitions worth revisiting: After all, tomorrow is another day
©Jorge Pineda, Mambrú
The wrestler's mask, recurrent effigy in the show, demarcates this idea of  identity ?censorship. It is involved in it, sitting as an emblem of a Latin America with child soldiers in Mambrú or simply as a complement to portraits of postmodern artists in Oh Taschen, Taschen , Taschen, Taschen! Wild Girls Without Masks, whose negative leaves traces of its absence, bequeathing in the eyes and mouths of the portrayed marks that evoke a laughable circus makeup.

The allusion to contemporary injustices such as racism, violence against children, prostitution and social inequalities are revealed through the use of icons belonging to children's stories and the playful intentionality in the facilities. In fact, the references to the children's realm of permeate the whole set, perhaps in an effort to highlight the need for adult introversion, in a world that occupies all of our senses and subjects our body to the constant evaporation of our child self, to hold the burden of responsibilities that concern us. This is evident in Afro Fashion y Me voy: Norte, where there are childish bodies whose head or limbs have been assimilated by a doodled wall, an allegory of the idea of ??isolation either by external causes, either by self seeking, to escape the frightening daily hostility.
Exhibitions worth revisiting: After all, tomorrow is another day
©Jorge Pineda, Exquisite Corpse. Homage to Joseph Beuys
However, far from seeking an execution taciturn, artist trivializes with the color of irony, bequeathing a brilliant collection of fetish symbols, such as a poodle's modified anatomy, emblem of vanity or poetising with the idea of exhaustion in Exquisite Corpse. Homage to Joseph Beuys which with a timely and shrewd Dadaist cruelness offers attendees a golden laster skeleton, with which to leave his mark on the cubicle wall where it is shown reclining. 

Violeta Esparza Parra

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