Henrique Oliveira brings nature to urban settings with his large scale, organic sculptures and installations.

Henrique Oliveira's organic art
São Paulo - JUL 29, 2013

Henrique Oliveira is a sculptor of organic forms. He uses 'tapumes' that in Portuguese means 'fence', referring to the temporary construction fence that are used in the city of São Paulo. To this he adds, PVC pipes, and he creates gigantic, organic forms that seem to invade the space that house them.

Oliveira explores fluidity and the combination of material to evoke the relationship between nature and urban and the contrast between organic and structural constructions. He works in various mediums, such as painting, sculpture and installation, all of which form a type of hybrid art that expresses architectural anthropomorphism. The forms seem to become parasites, spilling in front of the viewer and altering the structure of the architecture that surrounds them. 

Henrique Oliveira's organic art

©Henrique Oliveira, Tapumes Casa dos leoes

Henrique Oliveira's organic art

©Henrique Oliveira, Untitled

Henrique Oliveira's organic art

©Henrique Oliveira, Desnatureza

Henrique Oliveira's organic art

©Henrique Oliveira



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