Hikari Shimoda portrays the anxiety of growing up in eerie portraits of innocently cute children

Hikari Shimoda's lonely children
Nagoya - JUL 02, 2013
Hikari Shimoda reminds us of the emotional angst that accompanies growing up. The children she paints are caught between childhood and something that resembles adulthood, wanting to say goodbye but at the same time holding on. She creates the perfect representation of this period, through the complex portraits of sugar colored, innocently sweet children that show the pain, anxiety, frustation and loneliness of being a child in the modern world. 

Hikari Shimoda's lonely children
©Hikari Shimoda, Where abouts of god 
Shimoda captures the complexity of childhood, of trying to adapt to one's new self and at the same time, coming to terms with a new vision of the world. Each painting is an intimate reflections of Shimoda, who transfers her inner feelings to the canvas where she represents the inestability of being through the presence of the children she imagines.
Hikari Shimoda's lonely children
©Hikari Shimoda, Children of this planet
Hikari Shimoda's lonely children
©Hikari Shimoda, A man in beast's clothing
Hikari Shimoda's lonely children

©Hikari Shimoda, Untitled and Lonely Hero


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