The third generation of hyperrealistic painters continue pushing the boundaries of realistic representation 50 years later, carrying on the legacy of the masters of photorealism.

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters
Barcelona - MAY 16, 2013

Roberto Bernardi, Raphaella Spence, Tom Martin and Luis Pérez are among the youngest hyperrealistic artists of our Hyperrealism Special. Born after 1975, these young artists carry on the legacy of the masters of photorealism like Richard Estes or Chuck Close, pushing the limits of realistic representation one step further. 50 years after the first exhibition that brought together this artistic trend, the third generation of artists continue exploring reality as a source of inspiration, especially focusing on the impact of capitalism and mass consumption. 

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters
©Roberto Bernardi, Fuori o Dentro

Roberto Bernardi takes his inspiration for the most mundane objects. His subjects are not crowded streets or shiny vehicles. His artistic focus is placed on cluttered kitchen sinks, vending machines and store displays. With photographic detail, Bernardi captures the mess of a kitchen sink, transforming it into a reflection of modern society. His vending machines speak of the uncontrollable capitalist urges and the new means of distribution. 

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters
©Raphaella Spence, La coppia

Raphalella Spence turns to one of the staples of hyperrealism, the city. But her point of view is different. Capturing vast metropolis from a bird’s eye view, her images capture the reality of the world’s geography and urbanism.  The city’s lights, the puzzle created by the skyscrapers, the network of streets and avenues are all portrayed with photographic realism. 

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters
©Tom Martin

Tom Martin has two fixations: food and the human body. These detailed images of close ups of food show a hyper-reality of the food he consumes on a daily basis, reflecting his interest on the packaging and texts displayed on each package. Each object is portrayed in a massive scale carrying photographic representation further than a camera can and letting the viewer come closer than he would normally think to do. 

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters

©Luis Pérez, The great snow

Luis Pérez shows a part of the city that is normally not linked to hyperrealism, the suburban outskirts. Quiet streets, parked cars, mowed lawns and shopping malls are his subject matter. Thanks to his photographic precision, Pérez is able to convey the stillness and the atmosphere of these peculiar places. 


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