The artist explores the way of life in different cities through the movement of its inhabitants.

Jaak Kaevats, interactions between art and technology
Linz - DEC 09, 2013

Jaak Kaevats is an interaction designer whose work sits at the crossroads of technology, society and human condition. Kaevats develops interfaces and environments that engage different disciplines, in collaboration with experts of different fields and technologies. His works research in a broad sense the implications of emerging technologies, as well as their possible applications.

Jaak Kaevats, interactions between art and technology

Street-Scape, Ars Electronica 2013, Linz, Austria

One particularly illustrative example of his work is Street-Scape, which analyses how electric sensors and algorithms see the world as part of his MA thesis. The project is a visualisation of an urban context that shows a 5 minute timeline of the life that develops on a particular street. Each line corresponds to 30 seconds and the people that pass by moving at an average speed of 5 kilometres per hour are shown in their real proportions.

Jaak Kaevats, interactions between art and technology

Street-Scape, Institute of Advanced Media Arts And Sciences, Ogaki, Japan


The rest are distorted according to their speed, either stretched when moving slower, or thinner when moving faster. The result is an informative view of the inhabitants of the city and of the different ways of life throughout the same city.



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