"One of the most important public artists in the world" according to the New York Times.

Jaume Plensa: Featured Artist
Barcelona - MAR 07, 2013
"We live in a world that gives value to the useful, or what we believe that is useful. And art is zero useful, that is why it is so necessary, although it sounds like a paradox. Because art impregnates society slowly, as the rain wets the Earth until one day something blooms. Until the time comes in which the works of art are already a part of us without realizing, without us having thought about it."

-Jaume Plensa
Jaume Plensa: Featured Artist
Jaume Plensa
Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, 1955) is one of the most internationally recognized Spanish artists. His works can be found in the major museums of the world and practically in all the large North American art collections. His interventions in public spaces, normally of monumental size, have been exhibited in cities across the globel, like World Voices (2010) exhibited at the Dubai Tower or Echo in Madison Square Park in New York. 

Plensa is a versatile artist with a production that ranges from drawing to the video installation. His work focuses on his passion for the relationship between the human body and language. Often, his pieces show letters and words representing according to the artist, the multiple cells that form the individual.
Jaume Plensa: Featured Artist
© Jaume Plensa, Heart of Trees
Jaume Plensa: Featured Artist
© Jaume Plensa, Awilda 
Jaume Plensa: Featured Artist
© Jaume Plensa


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