The North American artist and creative expert Jeff Greenspan is well known for creating clever situations where art and reality mingle.

Jeff Greenspan will make you smile
- AUG 23, 2013

The North American creative artist Jeff Greenspan has a talent for creating clever situations where art meets everyday life. His many projects, individually or as part of Improv Everywhere, analyse a specific problem or fragment of reality which is exposed through humour and a good dose of irony. 

Jeff Greenspan will make you smile

©Jeff Greenspan, Urban Traps (Hipster trap, Tea Party Trap)

Through project like the Hipster Traps, Tourist Lanes or The Statue Experiment, Greenspan questions social norms in relation to spaces. His projects combine a part of social experiment, a part of artistic performances where the audience is normally the one performing and a simple yet straightforward graphic or sculptural element that represents the main concept questioned.



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