Jäälphoto 2013 is presented as a new art fair devoted entirely to photography, from L H O T S E, the creative team of Room Art Fair, from 14 to 16 February 2013 in Madrid.

Jäälphoto arrives in Madrid, the most independent photography fair in Europe
Madrid - JAN 28, 2013
Jäälphoto arrives with the intention of changing the art fair scene. Parting from  a review of the exhibition model, the fair calls for proximity, sharing and synergy to bring the public closer to contemporary art. Jaal is young, driven by a group of young entrepreneurs, who know that things must not only change but are changing.

The fair aims to update the rigid rules and protocol of the art fairs, allowing an approach to works unprejudiced and away for the elitism of the contemporary art world. It also offers a range of affordable prices as they seek to promote a new type of younger art collector. But what differentiates jääl from the rest of contemporary art fairs is its format. Participants occupy hotel rooms chic & basic Mayerling which will serve as exhibition space during the day and accommodation by night. Visitors must go through the hotel corridors and into the rooms. This will encourage a closer relationship between the visitor and the gallery.

Jäälphoto, the youngest and most independent photography fair in Europe.From 14 to 16 February 2013. Chic & Basic Hotel, Madrid.

More information: jäälphoto


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