The Spanish photographer, Jorge Fuembuena, presents in Matadero Madrid his latest exhibit, Portraits/Retratos, until de 28th of february.

Jorge Fuembuena: the portrait as a form of seduction
Madrid - JAN 22, 2013

The last exhibition of Jorge Fuembuena, Portraits / Retratos, showcases the photographic portrait. The exhibition features twenty portraits of a number of individuals, even some animals, who bare themselves emotionally before Fuembuena’s lens, to analyse the differences and similarities between the collective being and the individual.

For Fuembuena "a portrait is an act of seduction”, an act of seduction that involves both the model and the photographer in a game of mutual self-discovery. He strips his images of all the extra elements, resulting in works of a quiet and meditative nature. The soft, slightly burned colours and the stillness that seeps from each scene, adds a haunting atmosphere to each portrait, the trademark of this young photographer. Yet, behind the apparent simplicity of the composition, lies an emotional charge, full of different intensities and shades that the photographer knows how to capture his watchful eye.

Fuembuena gives each individual his own representation, to explore emotional correspondences between the world and the reality portrayed. Each portrait reflects a fundamental issue, for Fuembuena one that is a fundamental part of the nature the photography: the investigation of the rational and the intuitive, between what is real and what is not. For him, the main capacity of photography "is constructing realities, building other worlds", but at the same time is a powerful "way of knowing the world, that is dedicated to communicating our questions, our uncertainties and what we do not understand.”

In Portraits / Retratos, we see a number of people who "turn their backs to reality", leaving aside the collective being to inquire into the nature of the individual. According to the artist, the models adopt "a generic pose. They do nothing, just try to be. "However, the collection is also presented as a collection of facial features that together give a sense of unity to the 20 photographs in the series without being, or pretending to be, the construction of a collective identity from a group of individual identities.

Jorge Fuembuena, Portraits/Retratos. From January 25th to the 28th of February in Matadero Madrid.

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